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"Wendy is an absolute delight and as my husband says, "she is just a downright nice person".

- Ally and Brett , my heart explodes thinking about these two and their darling boy

"She's just a normal chick who loves weddings"

- Chloe and Lucas, newlyweds, childhood sweethearts and now parents to Harry (I like to think that's thanks to me)


I live in leafy Diamond Creek with my husband and two young kidlets and I'm a marriage celebrant. Yay for me because I.LOVE.WEDDINGS!


As much as I LOVE Melbourne, I'm originally from the country and like to think of myself as a country girl. I'll bring that relaxed, fun and down to earth feel to both planning your ceremony and throughout the ceremony itself.  


I've been training in the travel industry for the last ten years.  I'm also an ex-primary school teacher and I am comfortable in front of a crowd.  My public speaking style is warm, sincere and upbeat. I've been told that I exude a lot of joy, and that's probably because I really, truly love being a part of any wedding and do my absolute best to make the crowd feel this too.

"I remember getting out of the car, ready to walk down the aisle, and feeling immediately at ease when I saw you - you must have that affect on people "

- Vanessa, babeliscious bride. If I can do ONE thing - it's this xx

"Wendy is so warm and thoughtful, and picked up on what we wanted for our ceremony straight away"

- Tom and Heather, true stealers of my heart


You think you've seen me on TV? Well, you probably have. You see, I like to call myself a 'celebrity celebrant' these days. I was on Married at First Sight marrying Connie and Jonethen early this year and I just LOVE when people ask me 'have I seen you on TV?'. I'm milking my 15 minutes for all it's worth but I don't think the fame has gone to my head just yet (but seriously, please watch my 2 minutes of glory HERE, and then tell me 'we saw you on TV'. I promise you it'll make my day!).

When I'm not doing weddings, training students or grappling with my small humans, I'm usually drinking coffee, and I definitely like to switch off by watching trashy reality TV. I call watching Bachelor related shows 'work'.  It's all about love, you know? (that's what I tell my husband anyway!) 


Seriously, I get the biggest buzz out of marrying people (I still can't believe I get to call it my job!) - meeting them, hearing their story and telling it in a way that leaves their guests feeling like they are the best couple there ever was.  It is the absolute best!

"Wendy, you are the most bubbly, fun and down to earth person I have ever met and you can definitely see that you are made to be a celebrant"

- Ian and Sheila, the reason I'm here today (not my parents, but the reason I became a celebrant)

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