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"Wendy makes you feel so relaxed, excited and your story valued.

- Emma and Matt, pictured above. The most perfect elopement you ever did see.


Your ceremony should be all about you two! I start with a blank page and no two ceremonies are even slightly the same because everyone's story and vibe is different. I will get to know you, learn about your life together and really tell your love story on your wedding day...the way YOU want it to be told!

Whether your guest list is 2 special witnesses or 200 of your nearest and dearest, I want them to walk away with smiles on their faces, tears in their eyes and feeling so excited to celebrate the two of you long into the night!

And most importantly, I want YOU to feel like it was totally YOU. Your wedding ceremony is the part where you actually, like, get married so I really want you to love it and feel happy and relaxed the whole way through. And you will, I promise!

"We always wanted to skip through the formalities to enjoy the after party, but Wendy turned the ceremony into our favourite part of the day!

- Joey and Dave, catch ups with these two were an absolute delight


If you are having a very small wedding, or eloping, you may like to choose a simple legalities only sort of ceremony or something a little more short and sweet.  There are a couple of packages available, depending on how quickly you want the job done, so get in touch a let me know your plans and we can figure out what will work best for you!

"Every communication we had with Wendy reminded us what a special thing getting married is "

- Kate and William (of Melbourne, not the royal kind)


The price for a super fun, heartfelt and 100% personalised wedding ceremony is $1400*.


For this, you'll get a ceremony that is inclusive, warm and full of joy. There will be zoom and in person meetings along the way so I can really get a feel for you as a couple and I'll give you lots of ideas, including ways to include special people (both with us physically and in your memories). 


I can help you with your vows, give you loads of advice if you need it, I'll do all the paperwork and basically just be a calming and friendly presence on the throughout the whole process.

Also included in the cost is a lifelong friend, Facebook stalker and Instagram post liker. What more could you ask for?


For other types of ceremonies, such as legals only or something in between, prices start at $600. Please get in touch and I'll give you a quote depending on the inclusions - eloping is the way forward and I am here for it! 

*For weddings greater than 50km outside of Melbourne CBD, I will charge a small fee on top for time & travel.  I love travelling so just ask!

"Her smile is totally infectious and made us both feel so at ease. The whole ceremony was so touching, fun, and light hearted"

- Emma and Scott, this ceremony was  more romantic than the Notebook and I'm not even kidding

"For 180+ guests packed into the vineyard chapel at Immerse, it felt like the most intimate ceremony"

-Jacqui and Robbie, back in the days (early 2020) when we packed people into chapels LOL!


I've spent much of my adult life travelling, living and working overseas, and feel strongly about giving to those in need. I am very proud to support the amazing organisations '1 Step 1 Life'  and the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

You can feel good that some of your wedding budget is helping Cambodian students and children in Indigenous communities. So you too, are making a difference. Thank you!

"Pure gold and contagiously joyous, even before meeting we knew Wendy was THE ONE and we had to have her make our no-fuss, legals-only wedding-thing a reality"

-The Berry-Chongs, eloped with their 2 witnesses, dog, Sonny and cat, Mog. BEST!


If you like what you've read here and think I'm the right lady to have the honour of marrying you...YAY FOR US!

Click HERE to get in touch and recieve a special prize*

*prize is feeling good about yourself for supporting a small biz and making my heart explode just that little bit more, thanks!