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"Wendy is simply the best. Better than all the rest. Better than anyone. Anyone we’ve ever met. (Sung softly ‘Schitts Creek’ style)"

- Michael and Michael, yes Michael and Michael not a typo  


Planning a wedding can be extremely daunting.   It can seem like there are endless decisions to make and it's hard to know where to start.  THIS IS WHERE I COME IN! My main aim is to make the ceremony planning, and the ceremony itself, fun, relaxed and as stress-free as possible!

"The ceremony was the part of the day that Jake and I were most nervous about but after Wendy worked her magic, we wanted to do it over and over again!  

- Tash and Jake, the smiles on these two throughout their ceremony were next level 


Whether you are after a unique, personalised or a beautiful but more simple ceremony, I'll work with you to create the feel YOU want and that completely reflects you.  


Besides a few legal elements, your wedding ceremony is completely up to you and I really encourage people to do it their way, and not the way you think you should.  If you think something is lame or unnecessary, don't include it!

I've been celebrant-ing for a while now and can offer plenty and advice and ideas regarding all aspects of your ceremony, including writing your vows, and ways you can incorporate people close to you to make your ceremony even more meaningful. I'm open to any ideas and suggestions you have too, I want it to feel as authentically YOU as humanly possible.

"On our wedding day Wendy’s personality calmed us both, we felt like we were standing up in front of everyone with our friend not celebrant"

- Nathan and Emily, if I can calm you, I have done my job x


I have a battery operated, state of the art PA system, with a wireless mic so everyone can hear those beautiful vows of yours! Music can be played via the PA too. WHIZ BANG! I've got loads of ideas for vows, readings and how to make your ceremony just right for you. For personalised ceremonies, a casual catch up leading up to the big day is included and recommended to shake any nerves and help the day run as smooth as possible.

Oh, and the admin, I will do all the legal stuff behind the scenes to ensure you're actually, like, married (I strangely LOVE doing admin). I will walk you through every step of the process and make it as enjoyable and simple as possible, I promise!


CONTACT ME any way you prefer and we'll make a time to talk all things wedding. I'll go over some of the legal things, chat about the vibe you are going for and give you a few ideas and options for your ceremony.


Most importantly, this first catch up is a great chance for you to get a sense of how your ceremony will feel with me up there marrying you. If you want to introduce me to your dog or talk about MAFS (or TV in general), that's more than fine too!

"From start to finish, Wendy's genuinely warm personality put my husband and I completely at ease and got us so excited to experience our ceremony!"

- Paloma and Joe, two beautiful souls who should write a book on how to love 

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